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Full Body Care
Float Therapy


Float therapy is a unique form of relaxation that involves floating in a tank filled with water and food grade Epsom salt. This creates a weightless environment which allows the body and mind to relax and enter a meditative state, leading to improved mental clarity, increased energy levels, and reduced stress.

Float therapy also helps to reduce tension in the nervous system by removing all external stimulation. This can help to reduce anxiety levels and improve overall wellbeing. 


Sensory reduction is a very powerful therapeutic tool.

Numerous benefits have been documented, including:

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

• Insomnia

• Pain Management

• Headaches

• Migraines

• Chronic Pain




60 min : $65

90 min : $85

120 : $100

Couples 60 min : $100


1, 60 min session. Additional sessions $45. Auto billing. Upgrade to 90-min for $15 or 120 for $20. Paid floats expire 365 days from purchase. Shareable with spouse & children under 18, 3 month minimum commitment.


1, 60 min session. Additional sessions $45. Auto billing. Upgrade to 90-min for $15 or 120 for $20. Paid floats expire 365 days from purchase. Shareable with spouse & children under 18, 3 month minimum commitment.

  • Do I wear a swimsuit?
    Float therapy is about reducing sensory input, including the sensation of touch. Your brain processes how clothes feel so we suggest wearing nothing. The float room is your private room with a lock on the door. Wearing a swimsuit is 100% up to you though. If you feel more comfortable wearing one, by all means wear one!
  • What do I bring?
    Yourself! We provide all necessities : towels, bath robe, sulphate & paraban free shampoo/conditioner/body wash, ear plugs, makeup remover, blow dryer. You are welcome to bring your own body products to use after your float but we kindly ask that you use our shampoo and body wash before your float.
  • Is there music during my session?
    In the float room, we eliminate sensory input to help calm the nervous system. This includes the sense of sound. A typical session starts with calming music that fades out after 7 minutes. But this is your session and you can chose to have music play the entire session. Just let us know when you come in!
  • Is the water changed between each client?
    Not only is our water nearly sterile with 1100 pounds of epsom salt in 250 gallons of water, our filtration system is top notch. Our water cycles through a 1-micron filter and UV light sanitation at least 3 times between each client. Our solution just as concentrated and just as clean as the dead sea. Dr Vore is a microbiologist specializing in recreational water facilities and is also on the Float Tank Association board. The following video features Dr Vore discussing germs and the probability of them living in the float water solution.
  • I'm pregnant. Can I float?
    Absolutely! As long as your water hasn't broke you are welcome to float. The density of the water takes gravity off your muscles, spine and joints, allowing you to float effortlessly. If you can't get comfy, we provide extra accessories (pool noodles, pool hammock and an extra cushiony neckdoodle) for you to utilize.
  • I'm tall. Will I fit in the float?
    Our float is generously oversized with inner dimensions of 8' x 4'8". This allows for plenty of space to stretch and enjoy!
  • Is this a new 'trend' and how long will this trend last?
    Float therapy has been around since 1954 when neuroscientist John C Lilly developed the first float tank. Today, there are an estimated 500+ float centers around the country, and more around the world. Scientific studies are on the rise to prove how beneficial floatation therapy is for the brain and body. Dr Justin Feinstein headed the float clinic & research center at LIBR for several years where he researched & published incredible data regarding float therapy and its effects on anxiety, depression, heart rate variability, anorexia nervosa, pain management & brain wave activity. Today, along with the support of the float community, Dr Feinstein has launched his own research facility, Float Research Collective, to provide credible float therapy benefits. Float therapy is not a trend and is here to stay.
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