Give yourself an hour to REST. You deserve it.

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Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy

REST: also known as zero deprivation - sensory deprivation - float therapy : reduces the outside sensations of smell, sight, taste, sound, & spacial awareness so our body can relax and let go from the outside stimulus of everyday life. The Zaniya Center hosts an open float tub nearly 8 feet long and 5-1/2 feet wide filled with only 11 inches of water and 1100 lbs of epsom salt, making the water close to a 30% solution, dense enough to not have to think about holding yourself up. 

Floating At The Zaniya Center

What Is Floating?

Floating For Stress Release

Floating For Pain Relief

Floating For Meditation

Feel Weightless

Experience what it feels like to be completely weightless. When our muscles and bones aren't fighting against each other our body can finally find a balance.

Clear Your Mind

By eliminating outside distractions like sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and spacial awareness, our brain is able to completely relax, opening up a new realm of creativity, imagination and memory enhancement.


Reconnect Your Soul

Lower the brain frequency to enter in a deep meditative state, enhance lucid dreaming and reconnect with mindful habits.

Stress • Anxiety • Depression •

Insomnia • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia • Chronic Fatigue • Muscle & Joint Pain • Inflammation • High Blood Pressure • Back & Neck Pain


floating can

Muscle Recovery • Creativity • Focus • Production • Digestion • Spiritual Openness • Mind/Body Awareness
• Surgery Recovery •

Left/Right Brain Balance


floating can

Expect nothing! 

Come in with a goal in mind and you will achieve it. Maybe it'll happen in 1 session. Maybe it'll take 3, 4, or 10. 

Maybe you'll get addicted & become a member!


what to

Bring nothing. Everything is provided.

Shower before. No body or hair products. No swim suit necessary! Step in & let go. Shower after. Sip on some tea in the lounge. Reflect.


how to