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JANUARY - A look back

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I am, honestly, sad that 2020 is over.

Last year was a historic year no doubt. Let’s put the history aside and look at what we accomplished.

SIDE NOTE: I understand some people lost their jobs. Kids were thrown out of their routines for reasons they might not understand. People chose to isolate. Etc.

But look at what we did accomplish. Take a moment. Grab a sticky note and write down one or two things that you were grateful for last year. Now, put that on your bathroom mirror, fridge, alarm clock, anywhere you can look at it daily to remind you what a gift 2020 was to us. We need to focus on the good, learn from the bad and stay present.

Here is why I will miss 2020:

  • Being home with my high school son, even though he was either on the computer or …. on the computer.

  • I discovered that I matter. Plain and simple.

  • I attended several seminars, meetings and connections online which weren’t available before.

  • I made time for myself, my house and my health, without sacrificing anything.

2020 was a slow year. Yet it flew by like superman on a mission.

2020 was a year of discovery. Discovering that it doesn’t matter what you plan, be ready to change with the wind, adjust your sails and fly with it.

Be present. Stay calm. Clear your mind and always be thankful.

What are you doing this year to implement what you learned from last year?


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